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image currently provides two free online concussion toolkits: the Concussion Clinical Toolkit for Medical Professionals and the Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit for Parents, Players, and Coaches.

Both websites provide up-to-date education, tools and resources to help prevent, recognize, treat and manage concussions as well as support decreasing the impact of concussion when they do occur.

These resources are updated on a monthly basis and will provide the latest evidence on how to deal with concussions.

A very current and useful resource for those that are playing, coaching or watching hockey.

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Oceanside Novice Wild Mini Minor Game

Posted by Oceanside MHA at Nov 24, 2015 7:58PM PST

The Oceanside Novice Wild got to participate in a Mini Minor Game at Rogers Arena.

Check out their 4 minutes of fame here.

As the Development Coordinator for OMHA, I have been working on a website for a number of months which offers drills through screencasts that may help players and their parents as well as coaches. Many are not my original work and I have tried to give credit to those that created them as far as I know. There are other resources for parents and coaches via links that I have discovered. Always a work in progress, this takes time and will hopefully grow in the coming months. If you have any great drills or thoughts, you can contact me via the website.
It is found at: and the password is: goodpassingbeatsall

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Minor Hockey Player Ice Time

Posted by Oceanside MHA at Nov 10, 2015 7:06PM PST

Please see attached bulletin from Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association regarding Minor Hockey Player Ice Time.

For those that are new to “scorekeeping” (read: Most of us parents!), we have put together a short but comprehensive video on what all the sections of the scoresheet mean and how to fill one out. This should be useful for someone “new to scorekeeping” and may help reduce some of the stress associated with this parental duty. ;D

To view the screencast on scorekeeping, follow this link: