Parent Respect in Sport Program Requirement

Posted by Oceanside MHA on Sep 22 2018 at 07:44AM PDT

Dear Parents,

The requirement of VIAHA’s Parent Respect in Sport for the District over the past few seasons has proven to be a great success with positive outcomes that many are feeling the benefits of throughout the Hockey Community.

At the 2016 VIAHA Annual General Meeting held on May 29th in Nanaimo, the Membership supported a resolution to keep the requirement to one (1) parent or guardian as a condition of each child’s participation in Minor Hockey on Vancouver Island.

The Respect in Sport parent program is a proactive, educational program that empowers parents with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children and all other stakeholders in the game. The Respect in Sport Coach/Volunteer Program version will continue to be a condition for both coaches and Team Officials which represent the final level of respect when considering our athlete’s needs.
While VIAHA has a yearly deadline of October 31st for adherence to this requirement – your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA) may choose to have a deadline that is much sooner than our own. We respect that this may be the case based on local needs and will support MHA’s in enforcing this strengthened position should they have it.

If you still hold a current Coach/Volunteer Version (that does not expire prior to the deadline) or you have taken the Parent Version of RIS previously (and successfully credited your child’s Hockey Canada Registry Profile) you will not need to do anything to meet this requirement at this time. Again, your MHA is responsible for helping VIAHA to administer this and will require full support and cooperation from any new parents.

For a list of up-dated ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ please check the VIAHA website main page at

Again, here is the link to enter the Respect in Sport course site Please remember to print off and keep a copy of your RIS certification, plus provide the feedback asked for at the end of the online program so that the ongoing improvement of the content and usability of the system is maintained.

Thank you for your commitment to all players’ safety, enjoyment and success on Vancouver Island and within the game of hockey.


Jim Humphrey VIAHA President