Oceanside Place Sound System

Posted by Oceanside MHA on Sep 28 2017 at 08:58AM PDT


The sound system at Oceanside Place is designed for the specific intended use for groups wishing to play music and/or use microphones for announcing during their activities or events. Any abuse or damages incurred due to misuse will not be tolerated and will result in repair costs being charged to the user and may also result in privileges being revoked.

1) The following is a guideline to aid in using the system.

a) MP3, I-Pod, I-Pad, Laptops, I-Phones with downloaded music may be used.

b) Remote wireless and hardwired microphones are available from Reception in the lobby or by contacting Maintenance Staff.

c) Volume levels are set at the main sound board and volume control is limited for the user to the controls on the device which you have attached.

d) There are input jacks for the microphone and for playing music. Users have the ability to play or announce from the sound booth, the timekeepers box or both at the same time in the Howie Meeker Rink. When a device is attached to the inputs in either or both areas then that device is on and ready for operation.

e) No other devices than those mentioned above are to be attached to the system. This includes mixing boards, line amps, or any other device intended to boost power or volume.

f) Any other use of the sound system must receive prior approval from Oceanside Place staff before proceeding.

a) The broadcast line to be used is the analog jack plug under the counter on the top RH side. Typically the radio broadcaster will set a table outside of the sound booth and a line run through the exterior wall (under the counter) from their equipment on the table to the analog jack.

b) The analog jack is an incoming line through Telus. Once the line has been connected, the broadcaster can dial direct using 250-947-2568, extension 5568. No outgoing calls can be transmitted through this phone line.

a) WIFI is available in the rink and the modem is situated on the top of the sound booth wall on the LH corner. Direct connection to the modem can be used for streamlining video by using the blue patch wire, with connector on the end, located in the LH corner of the counter attached to the electrical conduit. No passwords are required for connecting to any of the WIFI zones. This modem, as well as modems in the Lobby, multi-purpose and meeting rooms, and the Parks administration area are all sourced from a connection in the main electrical room in the Howie Meeker Rink.

b) There is also a direct internet connection which does not route through the modem and connects directly to the internet provider’s main terminal in the electrical room. This is achieved by connecting the blue CAT 5 wire under the counter directly to your device. Either connection by (a) or (b) will sufficiently handle any upload or download capacity of the devices intended for use with the sound system.

a) A phone connection between the sound booth and the timekeeper’s box in the Howie Meeker Rink is available. Phones for this use are set up permanently in each location. The IP black phone is connected to the blue data port under the counter in the sound booth on the LH side of the booth. In the timekeeper’s box, the analog phone is connected to the analog jack under the counter.

b) When a receiver (phone) is picked up at either the timekeeper’s box or sound booth, it will ring on the other end. Pick up the receiver and conversation can be initiated. The IP Phone in the sound booth has a hands free option available by pressing the speaker button at the top RH side of the phone (middle button).

Please contact the Arena Maintenance Staff for assistance in operating the sound system should concerns arise. To contact staff, please see the Receptionist in the Lobby, if the office is open. If the office is closed, please call Maintenance Staff at 250-248-1408. Due to the nature of their responsibilities to the facility, it may take a few minutes for them to be available.