Parent Respect in Sport Requirement

Posted by Oceanside MHA on Oct 14 2015 at 08:15PM PDT

Dear Oceanside MHA,

October 15 is almost upon us and thus the deadline for Oceanside parents/guardians to have completed their Parent Respect in Sport requirement as mandated by VIAHA. This must be completed by October 31, 2015 (no exceptions). For more information please go to the VIAHA website at It only takes about an hour to complete. Please take time to read the up-dated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as this is very helpful.

If you do not complete Respect in Sport by Oct 31/2015, your child will be considered an ineligible player and we are required to remove them from the ice until one (1) parent/caregiver can take the on-line certification. To access the ‘Parent’ Clinic Version go to

If you have a current ‘Team Official/Volunteer’ version of Respect in Sport, you do not need to take the parent version as well. However, please ensure that your address and your child’s address are the same or they will not link.

If you have already completed your Parent Respect in Sport, thank you.


Gwynn Dykstra
Risk Manager