Photo Night Shedule & Information

Posted by Oceanside MHA on Sep 28 2018 at 08:29PM PDT

Team Photo Night – October 17th, 2018

Team photo night will be held on October 17th in the lobby of Oceanside Place. Please be on time as there are 24 groups having photos done and, unfortunately, we are not able to wait for late players. There are no retake nights for photos.

Dressing room access will only be available to the teams practicing on those nights so please come dressed in your full gear. No skates or neck protectors are required (neck protectors attached to base layers can be tucked under). Green tape on sticks is also discouraged as the photographer uses a green screen for the background.

Each player will get an envelope order form from their team manager. Before you arrive for photo night, please fill out the top portion regardless of whether you are ordering additional photos or not. These envelopes are used by the photographer to keep everyone organized and correctly identified. Please bring this envelope with you to photo night.

Each team player will get a team photo as well as an individual photo that is included with your registration. For additional photos and payment, please complete the bottom section of the form on the envelope.

Please see attached schedule for your time.

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